Sunday, August 21, 2011

Secret Diaries Part 4 - Bands of Engagement

Where were we last time? Oh yes, I said Yes and so did he. And then things just went haywire at home.

"Nischayadhartham eppo vechikalam?" My Gran asked is hurriedness I've never seen before. She wanted to know when to have the engagement. Looking at the way she was functioning, one would think there was no tomorrow and everything would end that day. Ma and Paati (Grandmom in Tamil) were so occupied the whole day taking, making and contemplating phone calls. Everyone needed to be informed, arrangements had to be made, etc..basically my sister and I were given the royalest of royal ignoring! I mean they all talked about us, in front of us, but not to us! Annoying!

Anyway, after much back and forth, I came to hear the Engagement was set for July 14. Talk about a whirlwind had been barely 48 hours since VJ and I had met and things were moving sooo fast! I decided not to thin about it too much and freak out about it. Thing was the parents wanted to seal the deal now that we agreed to go further. And VJ was going to be in the Middle East for a good 3-4 months from the end of the month. So..basically, the Parentals didn't want any room for delay.

Both VJ and I would've liked the engagement to be much later, but what were we to say..what say do we kids have anyway in a larger than life thing called wedding planning!

D-day was not too far. Before I knew it the 14th on July came. It didn't hit me until the morning of the 14th, on the way to VJ's place where the function was happening. Once I entered the house, everything became a haze...and pretty much remained a haze until everything was over. The families got a chance to meet, so that was great. Comfort factor was that VJ's family was much like there was a strange sense of familiarity. Anyway, the function went on really well..with every moment being captured on camera by a photographer. The whole function was over in about two hours, we had our breakfast that we all call tiffin, and headed back home. VJ and I were to spend a day together, we decided that would be the following day, because we were both beat!

We all headed back home, had lunch, and everyone parted ways. Paati, My Uncle and Aunt headed back to Delhi, while my Aunt and cousin headed to Chennai. And what did I do? I slept like there was no tomorrow, like I was dead, like a log! I slept so peacefully, that when I was up in the evening all well-rested, it struck me! I was engaged to be married soon! OMG! OMFG! But then it was not a 'Oh God! I'm screwed!' kinda realization. It was a pretty happy realization.

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