Thursday, August 11, 2011

Farewell Delhi

So it's official now. After weeks of role-hunting, I finally landed an interesting role in the Hyd office. I was really excited when I got to know I got the role, but after that things just started snowballing! Training starts next week! Which technically means this is my LAST week in Delhi, my home!! It's bittersweet actually.
I'm really looking forward to living alone in a new city, with friends. Learning how to cook, how to maintain a house, how to live alone and the works. But I'm super sad about leaving my Gran and Sister behind, I'll miss home-food, Gran's piping hot filter coffee...and a lot more.

And I couldn't possibly pack up in four days! So I'll be back after training for a couple of days, pack my stuff and head off for good. Now THAT is going to be tough. Right now..I'll leave with the sense that I'll be back soon enough. 

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