Monday, August 8, 2011

Guess who's back at the Gaon!

When Tina left Gurgaon for Hyderabad, we were all broken. Not only cos she was a good friend, teammate and an integral part of the team...she was one of the most entertaining people I'd known! C'mon, we wouldn't name her Suppandi for nothing right?!

She was one fo those people who'd crack the funniest jokes by sheer curiosity. Imagine this...we'd all be talking about something, and 5 minutes later, we would've shifted to another topic..but Tina would still be at the previous topic and would continue to participate in the conversation as if we were all the previous topic...only to realize minutes later that we were talking about different things. It's happened so many times.

Say for instance, Vineet asked Tina something to the effect of "How's Hyderabad and how're you doing?" And Tina replies, "Susan is dancing..." Ankita, Vineet and I are totally stumped as Tina looks at us like WE'RE crazy and says with a smile.."yeah...Susan is dancing no?!" That's Tina for you!! :D

So you can imagine how happy we are that she's in Gurgaon for a couple of days. I planned to WFH tomorrow, but seems like I'll make it to work...I wouldn't want to miss on unadulterated, innocent entertainment! :)

Go Tinayyy!!! :D

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