Wednesday, November 30, 2011

There's People...

Everything happens, all at once..good, bad, ugly..all at once.

There's my perpetual state of "fear of the unknown" that comes along with the matrimonial blah. There's a lot that needs to be done and I haven't even got started yet..but I'm not the only one with the happening life!

There's nice people at work leaving. And when you ask them where, they say: Somewhere. Anywhere. Everywhere. For now - I don't care!
There's marital secrets - who goes and gets married without telling anyone?! :O
There's people on crazy diets - but they're happy and I see effects of the diet ;) (Must.Draw.Inspiration)
There's people going back home for a week or is it Fi days? (I wish I was them!!)
There's people getting awards for great performance and contribution at work! Woohoo! (I believe in the hope of/from the East)
There's people figuring relationships out and having a rough time. (Downplaying the 'rough time' for sanity sake)
There's people sending Thanksgiving gifts from across the seas. (Thank God for small miracles!)
There's people who've come back to work today after an exxxxxtended weekend. (Good times ahead!)
There's people rehearsing dance to put up the best show ever in two weeks. (Hopefully, no forgetting steps this time)
There's people going to Las Vegas and living the dream. (And vowing to DRINK!)
There's people who have 30+ days of vacation, and they want to take it all now! (Pinky swear!)
There's people who bring back memories, and force you to believe that nothing has changed. (Mad Dog Rules!)
There's people who make plans every night, multiple plans; pre-dinner, post-dinner, in-between-dinner ;) (I want to be in their brain for one day!)
There's people who're looking for a better job and I know they'll find one. They don't think so. (Keep the faith)
There's people getting bored and restless, living away from family. (I know what they feel like)
There's people who're neck deep in wedding preps (while I'm comfortably numb).
There's people looking to get their daughters married...and with that comes a lot of push-back, frustration and irritation..not to mention FEAR! (Been there, done that...still kinda there)
There's people who relentlessly keep in touch, and make you look bad just because you're not relentless. (I was once, so I hope to change it at some point)

Anyhoo...what I'm trying to say is there's a lot of people dodging the big fat balls life throws at them. They dodge, they catch, they throw back at times. It's not about how far you throw, how well you catch, how well you dodge. In the end - you dodge, catch, throw back. That's it. Nothing else matters.

So while I'm walking a verrrry tight rope with faith in my hands, I'd think what Aamir Khan said: ALL IS WELL.. or All 'will be' well. Sooner. Or later.

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