Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Disconnected World

Seriously! I actually know of couples that talk to each other on various social networking sites. And they even 'like,' 'comment' on, +1, etc., their spouse's messages to them. Like seriously people!! Just talk to each other, will you!

Secret Diaries Part 5 - The 'Supposed' Honeymoon Period

All the wise and not-so-wise say the time between your Engagement and Marriage is the honeymoon period. That's when you get to enjoy time with your Fiance. I say BOLLOCKS!

For starters, VJ was going to the Arabian Desert (read: Riyadh) on a project for about three months. Then, it became four months, then five, Sigh! (As I write this, he tells me he'll be back a week later than expected, which makes it Jan.)

So yes, I'm experiencing the honeymoon period - with my phone!

But all said and done, it is kinda nice, this so-called honeymoon period. The Boy and I talk almost everyday..gives us a chance to know each other better, know our strengths, weaknesses, etc. And all this over the phone. While I'm all comfortable talking to him about anything under the sun over the phone, I wonder how it'd be when I'm around him, face to face. Wonder how we'd be around each other. Would it be awkward? Weird? Sigh - so much for a honeymoon period! 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Pleasant Things on a Chilly Winter Morning

So I'm sitting at home, working! Yes, I'm back home in Delhi for ten days, working though. I see a ping from my dear friend. She tells me she got a job, right near where the old office was and that we needed to meet soon. She was telling me about the new job, and all through it, the only thing that I felt inside me was relief and happiness for her. And also, a wave of realization - you keep the faith and it all comes to you the way you want it. I think she'll be brilliant at her new job! Of course she will be! She's my Superstar!

And just when the chilly morning was becoming pleasant, another dear friend pinged me with a link to her blog (the viewable one ;)). It just brought a smile to my face even before I opened the link. I knew she's an exceptional writer and a great story-teller. I knew whatever she wrote would be great! And then I read her list of highlights of 2011..made me smile, made me feel sad, made me laugh, made me reminisce. I said a silent prayer for 2012 to be great, on all counts - to make the good, better. To make the bad, good. And to make the ugly, beautiful! Champs Elysees! :D

Saturday, December 3, 2011


There are some things in life that happen for a reason. You don't see them coming, you don't really know if you want them to happen. But they do. And when they do, you feel good about it.

And these unexpected happenings come as a surprise and make you realize that it's the little things that make us happy. Not the big bucks, fancy cars, fine dining. The little, tiny things - the personal smile, a warm hug, a letter from a friend, a note left on your mirror, finding something you were looking for but couldn't find, and then finding it much later when you're not looking.

My Serendipity moment this week was when I realized I'm heading the right way, with the right person. Had a long chat with the Fiance. With all the nervous energy, it was comforting to feel comforted. And that I wanted to feel that way forever, made me feel lucky.

On that mushy note, here's the song that I've been listening to on repeat the last couple of days. (Courtesy: AshPash for getting me hooked to this song again)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hyd is where the Home is..

So it's official...(this post comes way too delayed)..I've moved base to Hyderabad.
A move in teams at work meant a move to this place from Dilli, my home. Hyderabad is a nice place, always liked it. Now, I'm about a month old in the city..and it still feels like I'm on a business trip. I miss home terribly, Gran, my sis, (Ma and Pa too as always). I miss home food, thayir saadam, filter coffee..and everything else that is home. When I wished I'd have the boarding school kinda life (cos I never did), I never knew the emo bit would come with it. I thought I was never one to get all 'I miss home, home food, people at home...etc.' But anyhoo, I'm in Hyd now. And while I write this, I'm simultaneously planning my trip back home to Delhi in a couple of weeks. But we'll let that be for now.

For me, Hyderabad means FUN! It means friends becoming family, late night movies, fancy and not-so-fancy dinners, impromptu crazy plans, night-outs, drunken nights, hungover days, loads of friends, food and fun! It's just what I need before I take the plunge. Before I misguide you into thinking I'm scared that my life will completely change after marriage..hold on. I just think its 'fair' that I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want, before I take the plunge into getting 'responsible,' 'accountable,' and 'answerable.'

Like right now..as I was typing 'answerable,' we all decided to go out for dinner. See? This is what I'm talking about!! Never a dull moment in Hyd!

Peace out!