Friday, January 27, 2012

For the First Time

Finally V and I were going to spend an entire day together! He flew down all the way from Mumbai to meet me. I always feel like the insensitive female dog who doesn't emote, doesn't feel, doesn't express. Clearly he's the more romantic one. I beg to differ on an intrinsic level but I maintain the insensitive, detached, tough girl image on the outside.

Anyway, we had a wonderful day out! We watched a movie, coffee, shots and then dinner! It was perfect! And then of course the goodbye! Goodbyes are never good and not this time either. But it was too great a day to think about the negatives, the sad things, etc. This day was about our first date in six months. Our first movie together. Our first entire day out together. Out first tight hug. Our first round of endless conversations. Our first vodka shot together.

Sigh - marriage may not be that bad at all. And love, definitely not bad at all. You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape love. It'll find you. Somewhere. Somehow. And how can you be so sure of it? How am I so sure?

A kiss on the forehead from a man other than your Dad...forever love my friends! #Enoughsaid!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Of Roads, Detours, Dams and Friends: Road Trip #1 - 2012

I was in Delhi for Xmas-New Year when Navneeth gave me a call saying we had to do something together - the Euro Trip Travel Companions! I was thrilled. The trip to France and Italy in 2011 was the single-most wonderful experience ever! And to do it again with my favorite people - I was super kicked!

So we did go - Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, around 180 kms from Hyderabad. This trip was memorable on many counts - Mustang's first road trip, the holy trinity's second trip together, a lot of deep thinking, contemplation and discussion about life matters.

We started in the morning, the drive was beautiful! Endless highway road, brilliant music that Nav made sure we have in place the previous night. Ash and I put our shades on..this was going to be one helluva road trip. We let the music take over, speed was second nature, the surroundings were beautiful - everyone was at bliss. Note about the music: it was 'International Love' that ruled the weekend! Yayy!

At one point, we were mislead and took a detour of around 60kms - we didn't mind, but the roads were terrible, pothole after pothole! Anyway, we reached Nagarjuna Sagar and crashed for a couple of hours after lunch. We slept like babies. We then had our evening Chai with Onion Pakodas and French Fries. It was absolute bliss. We started talking life matters during this time..was the best time ever: Chai, Friends, and our life ahead of us.

Epipottala Falls was beautiful. It was well lit up and the sound of water gushing down rocks was brilliant. The three of us just sat there, absorbing what was around us. This is another place when we continued to talk about life, things ahead of us, the past, etc. All in all, super fun. Funny thing was this place was infested with monkeys, much like Matheran, where we once went on a team trip. I have this weird connection with monkeys. But that story I'll save for later. :)

We got back to our room after dinner. We pretty much let the evening take over as we drank, told stories, made fun of each other, imagined what life would be in a couple of months, years,. We made some confessions, revealed some secrets, understood more about what we think about each other, and generally had a fun time being with each other.

What topped the end of the trip was Navneeth acquiring his first pair of Aviators! (Yayy Navneeth!) Girls, you're about to see the coolest, snazziest, most awesome looking fella walking your way tomorrow. (Note to Navneeth: Do Not notice these girls..remember 'your' International Love!)

So it was an awesome Road Trip! My favorite people, in the comfort of Mustang Maharaj, great music, great food, wonderful talk time, picturesque water bodies - this trip was much needed, and time well spent!

As we ended the trip, we promised that we'd make this an annual affair, without breaking tradition. Every January, we do a trip somewhere, anywhere together. Just the three of us. The three musketeers, the holy trinity - L, D, L! ;)

Champs Elysees!

P.S - Bindu, we missed you loads and talked about you so much! You crazy person!! :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hakuna MaTattoo!

So, I've decided!! This is what my tattoo is going to look like when I get it!
For those who don't know - it's the symbol for Hakuna Matata!

AI: Get the Tattoo!! Pronto!

In the Zone

Ever felt completely blah for some reason? Where your mind is thinking random things, that you really can't understand why you're thinking them? And you end up looking like a zoned out maniac during this time. On the one hand, you know there's no reason behind feeling the way you're feeling. And on the other, you're deep in random thought (random thought that sometimes brings the depressing side in you). Anyway, while I'm feeling this way - sitting at work, whiling away time. I really don't have work, but I'm sitting here because I don't want to go to home..and I don't know why. I keep thinking unnecessary thoughts, some negative, some positive, some so neutral, they shouldn't be on my mind.

Anyhoo..random shit on a random day. I can't do much about it. Only consolation is that the day is almost over. And when the clock strikes twelve, this too shall pass.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Note to Self

One must always write down what they want to when they think they should. Of you keep it for later, you're not going to remember. Like right now, I have at least 3 things to write about that I've been structuring in my mind for the last 2 days, but now I just can't get into words, worse still - I can't remember!

So the next time you're thinking, "I should write this down later." Hit yourself and write it down then! Not later, cos you won't remember! And you're not growing any younger!


P.S. - Note to SELF.