Sunday, August 7, 2011

Little Things

Isn't it quite strange that the smallest things in life, make us smile, make our hearts skip a beat, make our hearts race twice as fast, make us react in the weirdest of ways?!

For a complex race such as ours, we're quite menial when it comes to the happiness quotient. And in this complex race, if you're a woman - menial just gets even more menial. Check this:

Get up to an overcast-cool breeze blowing-day, I'm happy! I smile, I'm greeting everyone, I'm just thinking happy thoughts.
A girl buys a new pair of shoes, she's happy! She walks around with a confident strut and an even more confident smile.
Get to eat your favorite flavored ice-cream? Are you wearing the perfume you love today? Did you wake up to wonderfully brewed coffee and an even more wonderful breakfast?

....OK..I see that this is leading to a "only food makes you happy" post! :P Maybe it does..but I did mention shoes right? and shoes! :)

Those are the little things that bring a 'yayyy' to my heart! :)

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