Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Recent Blessing

This post is long due. Because the last two months have been pure marital bliss for more reasons that one.
With Marriage comes a lot of reluctance to let go of your life before, and the people associated with it. But when you have no reluctance to deal with, it's absolutely brilliant.

I'd say marriage is a blessing for me. Not because V can cook, and how!! (He insists he cooks during weekends, all meals..and forces me to rest!)
V does everything he can to make me happy and keep me that way. He puts up with my craziness, times when I go absolutely quiet, my over-the-top happy times, and just the general me. I've always thought myself to be very low maintenance, but intrinsically, I don't think so. And V somehow manages to keep up with all of my insanity.

He's super observant and catches every mood change. He somehow knows what you're thinking, and just steals the words from your head/mouth before you say it. Sigh -- its true when they say you do find the right person eventually. I hope he understands that in all my craziness, I would do anything under the sun for him because our relationship is the 'truly, madly, deeply' kinds. The kinda ones 'forever' is made of. Because I feel this incessant need to impress him, do nice things for him, cook for him, do everything in my power to take all the badness away from our world. (Yeah, I know you're thinking love-sick puppy, etc. :P but it does get to you...remember that Enrique song - you can run you can hide but you can't escape my love. Something like that!)

Anyhoo..for all those single people out there..who're weary of taking the big leap of faith, I say, TAKE IT AND GO!! It's worth all the weariness, apprehension, tension, stress, nervousness, etc..The goodness comes to you in the smallest, most trivial ways possible -- but more importantly, in the most meaningful way ever!

Go on! Ready, steady "Leap!"

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Two months of being married today. The month that was:

2. Finding a house.
2. Buying Furniture
2. Setting up the house
2. Making it a home

It was less hectic as compared to the first, but we were out on our own this time, doing couply things, living a domesticated life. What fun!! :)


One month of holy matrimony!! We made it!

One month went by real fast. The wedding, the several receptions after, Goa!, and back to work...this is what the first month was packed with! But it was brilliant! :)