Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Three Bs

I was whiling away time reading posts from the blogs that I follow and I was reading one of my favorites: Three Beautiful Things (, You guys have to check it out. It's nice how the writer records three things everyday that sum up their day! So I thought, let me do my three beautiful the risk of plagiarizing of course! ;)

1. Sleep - It's a weekend and today I got the best ever snooze time ever! I feel fresh and alert as the energizer bunny!

2. Write - I've spent a good two hours on my lappy, updating my blog on my very amusing life and the turn of events..(be sure to read!)

3. Friends - Today is Friendship Day. Happy Friendship Day to you, my friends! Hoping I'm able to love and be loved by friends for all my life! And the Star Word Channel just made the weekend even more wonderful by playing 'Friends' all day. Yep, I watch as I type this. (For the's the episode where Chandler can't fire this cute girl at work despite the ugly looking WENUS, Joey wants to take Ursula out, Ross's monkey is going crazy..)

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