Monday, December 26, 2011

Pleasant Things on a Chilly Winter Morning

So I'm sitting at home, working! Yes, I'm back home in Delhi for ten days, working though. I see a ping from my dear friend. She tells me she got a job, right near where the old office was and that we needed to meet soon. She was telling me about the new job, and all through it, the only thing that I felt inside me was relief and happiness for her. And also, a wave of realization - you keep the faith and it all comes to you the way you want it. I think she'll be brilliant at her new job! Of course she will be! She's my Superstar!

And just when the chilly morning was becoming pleasant, another dear friend pinged me with a link to her blog (the viewable one ;)). It just brought a smile to my face even before I opened the link. I knew she's an exceptional writer and a great story-teller. I knew whatever she wrote would be great! And then I read her list of highlights of 2011..made me smile, made me feel sad, made me laugh, made me reminisce. I said a silent prayer for 2012 to be great, on all counts - to make the good, better. To make the bad, good. And to make the ugly, beautiful! Champs Elysees! :D

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  1. Haha! Thanks! Also, I'm so glad you've started writing more often! :D

    <3 <3