Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hyd is where the Home is..

So it's official...(this post comes way too delayed)..I've moved base to Hyderabad.
A move in teams at work meant a move to this place from Dilli, my home. Hyderabad is a nice place, always liked it. Now, I'm about a month old in the city..and it still feels like I'm on a business trip. I miss home terribly, Gran, my sis, (Ma and Pa too as always). I miss home food, thayir saadam, filter coffee..and everything else that is home. When I wished I'd have the boarding school kinda life (cos I never did), I never knew the emo bit would come with it. I thought I was never one to get all 'I miss home, home food, people at home...etc.' But anyhoo, I'm in Hyd now. And while I write this, I'm simultaneously planning my trip back home to Delhi in a couple of weeks. But we'll let that be for now.

For me, Hyderabad means FUN! It means friends becoming family, late night movies, fancy and not-so-fancy dinners, impromptu crazy plans, night-outs, drunken nights, hungover days, loads of friends, food and fun! It's just what I need before I take the plunge. Before I misguide you into thinking I'm scared that my life will completely change after marriage..hold on. I just think its 'fair' that I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want, before I take the plunge into getting 'responsible,' 'accountable,' and 'answerable.'

Like right I was typing 'answerable,' we all decided to go out for dinner. See? This is what I'm talking about!! Never a dull moment in Hyd!

Peace out!

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