Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Secret Diaries Part 5 - The 'Supposed' Honeymoon Period

All the wise and not-so-wise say the time between your Engagement and Marriage is the honeymoon period. That's when you get to enjoy time with your Fiance. I say BOLLOCKS!

For starters, VJ was going to the Arabian Desert (read: Riyadh) on a project for about three months. Then, it became four months, then five, Sigh! (As I write this, he tells me he'll be back a week later than expected, which makes it Jan.)

So yes, I'm experiencing the honeymoon period - with my phone!

But all said and done, it is kinda nice, this so-called honeymoon period. The Boy and I talk almost everyday..gives us a chance to know each other better, know our strengths, weaknesses, etc. And all this over the phone. While I'm all comfortable talking to him about anything under the sun over the phone, I wonder how it'd be when I'm around him, face to face. Wonder how we'd be around each other. Would it be awkward? Weird? Sigh - so much for a honeymoon period! 

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