Friday, January 27, 2012

For the First Time

Finally V and I were going to spend an entire day together! He flew down all the way from Mumbai to meet me. I always feel like the insensitive female dog who doesn't emote, doesn't feel, doesn't express. Clearly he's the more romantic one. I beg to differ on an intrinsic level but I maintain the insensitive, detached, tough girl image on the outside.

Anyway, we had a wonderful day out! We watched a movie, coffee, shots and then dinner! It was perfect! And then of course the goodbye! Goodbyes are never good and not this time either. But it was too great a day to think about the negatives, the sad things, etc. This day was about our first date in six months. Our first movie together. Our first entire day out together. Out first tight hug. Our first round of endless conversations. Our first vodka shot together.

Sigh - marriage may not be that bad at all. And love, definitely not bad at all. You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape love. It'll find you. Somewhere. Somehow. And how can you be so sure of it? How am I so sure?

A kiss on the forehead from a man other than your Dad...forever love my friends! #Enoughsaid!

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