Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Five-Point Bucket List

Here's my Five Point Bucket List..

1. Get a Tattoo
One of the things I've been totally in awe of from time immemorial is body art. Tattoos make me happy. Period! Kinda exudes confidence, faith and strength.
Confidence - You need to be absolutely sure you want to punch holes into yourself and believe you can carry it off for the rest of your life (unless you're Angelina Jolie, who can remove it through skin grating sessions ).
Faith - You need to believe in the tattoo you're getting. It could be religious, philosophical, inspirational, whatever...you need to be at peace with it all your life!!
Strength - You need the strength to tolerate PAIN!!!!!

2. Piercings
Another form of body art that I like - Piercings...I want to add two more to my modest set of 6 :)

3. Sky Diving
Nothing can get my mind spinning like a good adrenalin rush. After Bungi, I really want to know what it's like to free-fall from 10000+ feet and not be bound by a rope!

4. Write a book
Something about my life maybe..actually, no. The reason why I'd want to write a book is to break away from this life and imagine life in a different world. My World. And just to add some masala - I'd like that book to be a bestseller - possibly even a Pulitzer winner. (One can dream right??)

5. ??
Yet to figure this one out. Somehow I feel that with my search to find the fifth point, I'll come across five more and make this a ten-point list. But I do know that this point would revolve around either my love for music or my passion to serve community at some point in life.

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  1. Lets do the tattoo thing pls!!!

    You can get "Vijay" all over your a$$ :D